My name is Ginger German and  ARTWORX is my studio name. 
My studio is located in my loghome, which I share with my husband and 4 cats.

     Painting has been a passion all my life. I  can not remember a time I did not paint. I graduated from Webster University in 1991  with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I have since studied with some very talented private teachers.

     My favorite style of painting is Trompe L'oeil, which is French for "Fool The Eye". This type of painting is very realistic with lots of details that fool the viewer into thinking that the painting is real. . Also see "Kitchen Cabinets" for more sample paintings.
     I also love to paint murals, which can be done in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Please browse through "Wall Murals" and "More Murals" to see the different murals that can be painted in your home or office.
     Kids room murals are becoming more popular. Check out "Kids Rooms" for kids special murals. A lot of time kids help design their own mural.
     New to this website are pages displaying portraits and jewelry displays.  All portraits are in oil and the jewelry displays are made with driftwood and copper all different and each one unique.


 For More Information Contact Ginger at (636.456.4252) or e-mail:

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